Hostile Takeover

I cannot stop the growth, the invasion or the pain.

I have tried medication, no medication, herbal remedies, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy, raw diets, vegetable diets, physical and nuclear therapy.

These were all stabs in the dark, blindfolded hits to a piñata pulled all the way up.

This is the beauty of hosting a rare takeover. 

The one no one knows the name but is sure their cousin’s sister’s aunt has it.

I am helpless and so are the doctors who are just “practicing”.

The husband does not understand. I have had this diagnosis for years, should I not be prepared by now? 

What remains when hope is pulled like a rug from under your feet?

I was not expecting a cure dammit.

I wanted some peace. 

Some, just a bit. 

I wanted a few more years before the dailyness of the pain refused to be hidden, before the mask would not stay affixed.

Just a few, like seven.

I am angry., fucking pissed.  

What are the odds that every burning timber of a house would fall on my head?


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