Stained Glass Life

(original photo)

I am losing a woman who loved me at my most unlovable moments. I am losing the woman who has mothered me. She is slipping away, day by day.

I met Echo when I was in my early thirties. I was struggling mightily with mother issues. Having two daughters, I could not understand how my own mother could be so cold and calculating. (Plenty more on that later.) Enter Echo Long. Yep, real name.

Echo is about as eccentric as you might imagine someone wearing that name would be. She has been everywhere, twice. Done that, three times. Got the tshirt and has one for you too! But here’s the thing.  She really HAS done it all. It ain’t tricking if you got it.

We became neighbors and friends, then mother and daughter. I was blessed to finally experience the relationship I had always craved. She has taught me so much about so much. Legacy things that I will pass on to my daughters and grandson. I reminded her of one of these things today, gardening.

I have had the pleasure of spending quality time lately with our “Majesty”. Echo has so many talents, so many sides, so many experiences, so many interests, so many stories, and so many opinions. Some are smooth and others are hard to take. There is beauty in many of them. But so much sadness is at the core as well.

It seems to me that Echo has lived many lives. She has soldered them all together and created this beautiful stained glass life. One piece of it might not be so beautiful but altogether, my God! what a creation.

And now, she is dying. And I am left to watch. She is leaving and I must let go. I need to release her to fly. I need to admire her handiwork. As if I haven’t all along.



    • It was difficult. But I am so thankful I was able to be with her in her final days and hours. She was released from suffering on Memorial Day. I was honored to prepare her (as is a Southern custom I was told) for cremation with her Husband. We bathed her in scented oils and took our time saying goodbye. We dressed her as the Goddess she surely was and adorned her appropriately. I will never forget it.


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